Solar Installer Moorpark

Solar Installer Moorpark

There are three distinct types of solar installers in Moorpark. The first type of solar installer is the super-expensive company. It’s not always clear how these companies continue to grow and be profitable, especially when there are quality solar installation companies in Moorpark like Shelter Roofing and Solar. These kinds of companies will send a technician to your home to scope out the job, but when they are sitting in your living room, they will insist that you are there and your spouse is there, so everyone who needs to sign on the dotted line is present.

These super-expensive solar installers want to get you to commit to their services before you have a chance to get another quote. They will typically start with an insanely high number and then employ all sorts of classic sales tricks like, “If you put our sign on your fence, we’ll give you $5,000 off,” or they’ll call their boss in your presence and get the price down from $20,000 to $10,000. Effectively, they drop the price from an insanely high price to a ridiculously high price. These companies hope against hope that you don’t get another quote and that you don’t know what the going rate for solar systems are.

The second type of solar installer in Moorpark is the super-cheap one. These companies are ridiculously-cheap! If you know the cost of solar components and the cost of a quality installer, you look at the price and scratch your head and ask yourself, “How on earth are they installing a solar system at that price? Is this real?” These types of solar installers have to be cutting corners somewhere. The quality of the panels, the quality of the inverter, and the quality of the install are bound to be garbage. When’s the last time you bought the absolute cheapest thing on the market, and it turned out to be great quality and lasted the distance? It just doesn’t happen!

The third type of solar installer in Moorpark is what we will call the Happy Medium. This is the kind of solar installer you will get when you higher Shelter Roofing and Solar. We only use the panels and inverters that we trust, and we take a lot of pride in our solar installations. Shelter Roofing and Solar has the reputation of being an excellent solar installer in Moorpark. Are installations are keenly priced, and we never let the price get in the way of good quality systems.

To recap, here are the three types of roof installers you can find in Moorpark:

1. The super-expensive installer who is just going to rip you off.

2. The super-cheap installer who is probably worse than the first because they are going to give you a poor installation that either doesn’t work properly or is unsafe.

3. The Happy Medium installer who never sacrifices t he quality of products of installation and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for their services.

Choose the third type of solar installer. Choose Shelter Roofing and Solar.

Solar Installer Moorpark

Shelter Roofing and Solar


Solar Installer Moorpark

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