Acadiana Soft Wash Solutions

Discover the Safest and Most Effective Solution to Clean Your Baton Rouge LA Home or Business!


Soft washing safely cleans and protects your Roof, Siding, and Driveway!

When you’re searching for roof cleaning in Baton Rouge you’re going to come across two different types of companies: soft washing companies and power washing or pressure washing companies.  Although both may seem similar at first glance, there are big differences that make all the difference when it comes to cleaning a house or building in the Southern Louisiana environment. If you want a fast, safe, and effective cleaning solution – soft washing is the far superior choice.


There’s a big difference between a handyman with a pressure washer and a professional soft washing service.


You should know what you’re paying for. We’re upfront with our process and price.

Clean Guarantee

Every Roof Softwash comes with a one-year clean roof warranty. If you see new algae growth we come back and clean it for free.



Why Soft Washing is Superior to Pressure Washing

You probably see a lot of ads for pressure washing in Baton Rouge. Anyone can buy a pressure washer and start offering their services. Knowing how to start a pressure washer doesn’t make you qualified to clean a house or building without causing damage. And in the humid south, where property owners are looking to remove algae and bacteria growth, only soft washing can get the job done.

 Soft Washing

✅  Always operates using a safe PSI to avoid any surface damage
✅  Uses high quality SAFE biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning solutions and water to completely kill bacteria and algae
✅  Applied by trained technicians
✅  Work can be completed within the day and results last for the rest of the year or longer
✅  Safe for any surface material including wood, stucco, vinyl, brick, and more
✅  Can treat multiple surfaces on the same day including roofs, siding, driveways, decks, and fences
✅  More affordable when you consider time, effectiveness, and risk

Pressure Washing

🆇 Untrained operators using high PSI often cause damage to properties
🆇 Only uses water allowing bacteria and algae to survive and quickly grow back
🆇 Applied by untrained individuals
🆇 Multiple applications are needed throughout the year disrupting your home and business schedule
🆇 Can easily damage sensitive surface materials
🆇 Limited to types of surfaces when used for cleaning purposes
🆇 Multiple applications, limited use, and higher risk for damage make pressure washing more costly

Residential and Commercial Soft Washing

Acadiana Softwash Solutions is equipped for any size job, residential or commercial. Whether you need roof washing or exterior washing we got you covered. We have the tools, equipment, and technicians to clean any sized house or facility in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.



Acadiana’s Soft Washing Process

Before Cleaning

  • Pretreatment inspection and quote
  • Day of cleaning property protection: bagging and taping all outlets, meters, boxes, and fixtures around the property to ensure moisture stays out during cleaning.
  • Plant protection: Even though we use 100% biodegradable solutions we still take an extra step to protect sensitive plants by covering them when needed.

During & After Cleaning

  • Treat all surfaces: Everything is sanitized and cleaned.
  • Rinse down all treated surfaces & nearby landscaping.
  • Clean up the work environment.
  • Email receipt for your records.

Soft Washing FAQs

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a technique that treats the infection of the stain and lets the cleaning solutions sanitize, doing 100% of the work, killing all mildew, algae, and lichens at the root, not just the surface.  This creates a longer-lasting clean with no damaging pressure or harsh chemicals.  Soft washing only uses 1/3 the water than pressure washing and is better for your home, family, and environment.

Why choose soft washing vs. pressure washing?

Pressure washing only relies on water and pressure to do the cleaning.  This high pressure (1,500+ PSI) just blasts the surface and bacteria further in, leaving the root of the bacteria behind and possibly creating more damage to the surface. Soft washing uses low pressure (80 PSI) and relies on 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions to kill all bacteria at the root, without damage, resulting in a longer-lasting clean for your property.

Why is it important to kill all bacteria on your roof?

When pressure washing leaves behind the filament root system of the bacteria, the bacteria will grow back faster. This can cause higher utility bills, unsightly curb appeal, increased allergies, shorter lifespan of the surface, insurance companies can even drop coverage on a roof that is “too dirty”. So it is important for your investment that all bacteria are completely removed.

Is soft washing environmentally safe?

All soft washing solutions used are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.  These water-based exterior cleaning solutions break down to carbon and water within 20 days of introduction into the soil. We also do everything to protect your plants, landscaping, and property.  All plants are wet down before and during the SoftWash process.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We use proprietary soft washing solutions to remove those ugly roof and siding stains.  Our process provides a 99.9% kill ratio on mildew, algae, and lichens.  This method sanitizes the roots and inhibits the return of growth, therefore we offer a 1 Year Spot Free Warranty.

Roof cleaning and softwashing

Don't pressure wash your roof